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Re: Passing LDFLAGS to Apache modules for hardened build flags

Hi Moritz,

On 27.05.2012 11:53, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> I was about to run test builds now.
> Since the plan is to no longer go with 2.4 for Wheezy, will you backport
> the changes to 2.2 or is this for post-Wheezy?

we are going to discuss things to backport to the Apache 2.2 package in
the upcoming week. I will come back to you on that once I know, but in
principle we could certainly do so.

Note, a few packages of my 2.4 test rebuild FTBFS because of hardening
flags lately (#666839 and #666854 at least).

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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