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Bug#613438: apache2.2 WebDav write error after upgrade to squeeze

Am 14.02.2011 23:32, schrieb Stefan Fritsch:
> On Monday 14 February 2011, Andreas B wrote:
>> i have upgrade to squeeze. After upgrade i can not write to WebDAV
>> share. In error log you can see:
>> [Mon Feb 14 21:31:40 2011] [error] [client 192.168.x.xx] Unable to
>> PUT new contents for /kalender/bal.txt.  [403, #0] [Mon Feb 14
>> 21:31:40 2011] [error] [client 192.168.x.xx] (13)Permission
>> denied: An error occurred while opening a resource.  [500, #0]
>> What can i do?
> Check the permissions of the directory /kalender/. To avoid data loss, 
> mod_dav now creates a temp file for most PUT requests and only 
> replaces the old file once all data has been successfully transferred. 
> For this, it needs write permissions on the directory.
> If this is not the issue, maybe you could try to strace apache2 while 
> it processes this request?
Thank for the hint. I havemake www-data on the owner of the directoryand
it works. Before I have upgrade, it was enough that the group www-data
can write. Now I can write "chmod -R o-rw" ;-) .

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