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Bug#613438: apache2.2 WebDav write error after upgrade to squeeze

On Monday 14 February 2011, Andreas B wrote:
> i have upgrade to squeeze. After upgrade i can not write to WebDAV
> share. In error log you can see:
> [Mon Feb 14 21:31:40 2011] [error] [client 192.168.x.xx] Unable to
> PUT new contents for /kalender/bal.txt.  [403, #0] [Mon Feb 14
> 21:31:40 2011] [error] [client 192.168.x.xx] (13)Permission
> denied: An error occurred while opening a resource.  [500, #0]
> What can i do?

Check the permissions of the directory /kalender/. To avoid data loss, 
mod_dav now creates a temp file for most PUT requests and only 
replaces the old file once all data has been successfully transferred. 
For this, it needs write permissions on the directory.

If this is not the issue, maybe you could try to strace apache2 while 
it processes this request?

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