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Re: apache boot script depends

On Wed, 12 Jan 2011, Massimo Manghi wrote:

A few months after installation of squeeze I've just done an upgrade of a machine and found out that an apache2 based application didn't start anymore at boot time. Logging in and restarting apache2 manually restored the ordinary functioning of the application though.

It was easy to figure out that the problem was with the boot sequence, as the application requires Mysql to be running when child processes are forked and initialized. As a general rule wouldn't be sensible to start Apache after existing DBMS are already running? Is this an issue on which a wishlist bug should be filed?

I thinks it's a bit hard to find all existing DBMS, but we may at least add the most common ones. Please file a bug. Considering the current discussion in debian-devel, it should probably be at least 'normal'.


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