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Bug#500558: apache2.2-common: Apache fails to start on boot after upgrade Etch -> Lenny

On Monday 06 April 2009, Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> For me, it happens with .
> I really, really don't want to explicitly say in /e/n/i that lo is
> .
> This is intermittent; I'd say it happens about 25% of the
> time.  And, when I manually start apache (with invoke-rc.d apache2
> start) after the boot is done, it starts fine.  So, I suspect this
> is some kind of race condition, perhaps apache is trying to bind
> to the interface before udev is completely done with it?

Do you still have this problem? If yes:

Do you use network-manager? What entries do you have in /etc/hosts for 
::1,, localhost, and ip6-localhost? After booting, does "ip 
a" show any inet6 addresses? Any other than ::1?


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