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Bug#578566: Apache process hangs when trying to authenticate against Fedora Directory Server LDAP using mod_authnz_ldap

On Tuesday 20 April 2010, Kevin Göser wrote:
> We are using Apache and basic auth against a Fedora Directory
>  Server (v1.1.3, running on a different machine). The setup worked
>  fine on etch. After upgrading to lenny today, the LDAP
>  authentication seems to be broken: Directly after reloading /
>  restarting Apache, one or two browser requests are handled
>  successfully (ie. the authentication against LDAP is done, and the
>  page is displayed in the browser). All succeeding processes
>  however hang.

I suspect a openldap or gnutls problem here. Can you check if you can 
use ldapsearch from the lenny machine (using SSL)?

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