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Be safe and question medicare

 Grandma's To Do List    
 Pull weeds - check    
 Groceries - check    
 Doctors Appointment 11:00am - check    
 Send Beryl's birthday card - check    
 Go online And Compare Medicare prices with others!!     
 Get a f r-e e  quote on  how to  s a v-e  on  Med-i care costs!    
 Can you see the graphics and images?    
 If not, you can here along with full information:    
 Smart seniors prepare, plan and shop around for the right solution for their living environment.  They have nothing to lose by searching and exploring other alternatives.  Unfortunately, the economy isn't helping when it comes to living expenses for seniors, so shopping around is an intelligent idea.  Do the right thing and help yourself.    
 Help yourself...  Do the right thing... and find the right solutions...  We care about you...    
 To remove yourself from this list, 
click here http://erranoil.info/u/mvvycKISDWv4EKZeusD9Gw.html 
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