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Re: Bug#470795: RFH: apache2 - Co-maintainer wanted

Hi Ryan,

On Tuesday 27 May 2008, Ryan Niebur wrote:
> I look forward to working with you all.

As I told you on IRC, I would also appreciate your help. I just 
noticed that you were not on IRC anymore when I wrote this. It might 
be interesting for you, too. 

09:24 < Zoup> OK i have read 
http://wiki.debian.org/Apache2LennyGoals , i can help , but i dont 
know the priorities
19:52 < sf> I fear there are not many low hanging fruits left on the 
lenny-goals page.
19:53 < sf> Possible things to do:
19:53 < sf> check if the svn-version of a2enmod fixes #480893, and 
create a fix if not
19:54 < sf> testing the svn version of the packages, there have been 
quite a few changes
19:55 < sf> check what can be done for #473982, so that the user gets 
notified that he needs to update the envvars file
19:56 < sf> see how  restart in the init script could be improved 
19:56 < sf> look at other bugs ...
19:58 < sf> look what documentation is missing for the changes in 
current svn and work on it
19:58 < sf> I guess I will upload 2.2.8-5 soon, and this will probably 
result in more bug reports to work on ;-)
20:02 < sf> On more: check if the upstream fix for PR34602 fixed 
#421820 (I suspect that it didn't), close the bug if it did and open 
another upstream bug report if it didn't.


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