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Bug#423436: wrong ownership for /var/lock/apache2

[Achim Seufert]
> > # Make sure /var/lock/apache2 has the correct permissions
> > if [ -d /var/lock/apache2 ]; then
> >         chown www-data /var/lock/apache2
> > fi
> So this indicates that the ownership of /var/lock/apache2 really should
> be assigned to www-data.
> I really don't know why this wasn't the case then. I guess there's
> something else wrong with any other of Debian's install-scripts.

I'm guessing that something on your system is cleaning out /var/lock at
boot time.  That is perfectly fine - but it means that the postinst is
the wrong place to do the chown - it needs to be done in the init.d
script instead.

I've changed this for the next upload.  Thanks,

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