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Bug#423436: wrong ownership for /var/lock/apache2

Hi there again,

some additional information regarding the problem with the DAV-lockfile.

My previous solution (changing the ownership of the lockfile) only
lasted for a short time. :-)
I realized that Apache2 (or the DAV-Module?!) removes its lockfiles upon
shutdown. So the altered lockfile also got removed.

The /var/lock/apache2 directory still was owned by root:root
exclusively. So a new lockfile couldn't be created by Apache2 in this
directory. Therefore writing to the DAV-directory (via Apache2) again
didn't work.

I found out that previous Debian-versions (Sarge) had set the ownership
of /var/lock/apache2 to www-data:www-data. Which pretty much makes
sense. :-)

I also found these lines at the end of the postinst-file included in the
 current apache2-common-package.

> # Make sure /var/lock/apache2 has the correct permissions
> if [ -d /var/lock/apache2 ]; then
>         chown www-data /var/lock/apache2
> fi

So this indicates that the ownership of /var/lock/apache2 really should
be assigned to www-data.
I really don't know why this wasn't the case then. I guess there's
something else wrong with any other of Debian's install-scripts.

I did a clean install of Debian 4.0 (no dist-upgrade, etc.) and really
didn't manually change anything on that directory before.

I hope the problem can be solved.



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