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Bug#399776: apache2: Apache 2.2 spawns lots of processes and freeze the box

Il giorno mer, 22/11/2006 alle 00.34 +0100, Stefan Fritsch ha scritto:
> Some questions:
> - are there any interesting entries in the apache error log?
> - anything interesting in syslog, kern.log, ...?
> - are you using php/cgi/... or just static content? If you use php, 
> what memory_limit have you set?
> - what other modules do you use that are not enabled by default?
> - how much memory+swap does your box have? How much of this is used by 
> other processes?

We have mod_python, redirection with mod_proxy/mod_rewrite, PHP with
memory limit set to 32M, DAV and DAV/SVN. The are no errors or other
interesting entries in apache logs nor in any other log.

The box has 1Gb of RAM and 3Gb of swap.

I know that 150 processes can use up all memory and that's why we
reduced the max clients to 25 but the real problem here is that Apache
2.0.53 run for about 1 year with the exact same configuration without
any problem. The problems started the day after the upgrade to 2.2.

What was strange was the high number of defunct apache2 processes. I'd
expect to find something about them in apache error.log but no, nothing
was there.


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