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Bug#397239: [Fwd: Re: apache2: Since ugrading to 2.2.3-3, webdav doesn't work: Invalid command 'AuthDigestFile']

Hi Andreas

ThX for your hint !

In Apache2.2, the directives for mod_auth_digest have changed:

You have to define a Provider |AuthDigestProvider (i.e "file")
and then you have to use the AuthUserFile directive to
tell the (file-)provider where the "file" is.

I also needed to add the links of the mod's:


...to the mods-enabled directory to complete the upgrade to 2.2.

All the people that are using the auth_digest module will
have problems with their upgrade.
(see also: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_auth_digest.html)



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