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Bug#397886: apache2.2-common: non wanted behaviour during upgrade: charset MUST not be created without user consent

I assume my point of view. I think I'm not alone.

I'm upgrading, but maybe there is a problem in the correct sense upgrade
was meant by dpkg at this very moment:

2006-11-09 16:47:08 install apache2.2-common <none> 2.2.3-3

because :

2006-11-09 16:47:01 status installed apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1
2006-11-09 16:47:02 remove apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1 2.0.55-4.1
2006-11-09 16:47:02 status half-configured apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1
2006-11-09 16:47:02 status half-installed apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1
2006-11-09 16:47:03 status config-files apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1
2006-11-09 16:47:03 status config-files apache2-common 2.0.55-4.1

Because it has been removed and then installed, whereas upgraded, in
this cas the postinst would have done its work like you stated earlier.


Le vendredi 10 novembre 2006 à 17:52 +0100, Steinar H. Gunderson a
écrit :
> On Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 05:47:45PM +0100, Michel Briand wrote:
> > I globally agree with you but why one would want to break a working
> > environment ?
> What's to say it's working? It breaks in one specific use case for you; don't
> assume it's worse for everybody else too.
> > We don't have necessary the time to adapt all web site on the planet to
> > the new implementations.
> Most sites simply won't require adaption (and all sites having anything nearly
> resembling correctly character set handling definitely won't, as they'll
> already set a character set header by default).
> Anyhow, looking at the changelog, this option is supposed only to be enabled
> for new installations, and the logic in the postinst seems correct. Are you
> really upgrading, or is this a new installation?
> /* Steinar */

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