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Bug#397886: apache2.2-common: non wanted behaviour during upgrade: charset MUST not be created without user consent

On Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 05:47:45PM +0100, Michel Briand wrote:
> I globally agree with you but why one would want to break a working
> environment ?

What's to say it's working? It breaks in one specific use case for you; don't
assume it's worse for everybody else too.

> We don't have necessary the time to adapt all web site on the planet to
> the new implementations.

Most sites simply won't require adaption (and all sites having anything nearly
resembling correctly character set handling definitely won't, as they'll
already set a character set header by default).

Anyhow, looking at the changelog, this option is supposed only to be enabled
for new installations, and the logic in the postinst seems correct. Are you
really upgrading, or is this a new installation?

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