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Bug#397265: closed by Thom May <thom@clearairturbulence.org> (LFS works fine)

Peter Samuelson píše v Po 06. 11. 2006 v 13:48 -0600:
> [britneyfreek]
> > then please tell me what's wrong on my side?
> > i got the original debian packages.
> > 
> > why does stat() and filesize() and some other fail on files larger 2gb?
> They don't fail for us.
> Can you provide more information about what you are doing and how you
> determined that stat() and filesize() are failing?

My wild guess would be that they are using php4/5.  And php4 got LFS
support with 4.4.4-5 and php5 is getting to be compiled with LFS for
5.2.0-1 which will be uploaded this evening if everything will be ok.

Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org>

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