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RE: apt problem with libapache-mod-perl

Unfortunately I don't have those answers.  The system in question I inherited when I started this job.  It's a VMware "appliance" that someone made at some point in time and published for others to use.  I dont know who built it or when, or what if any modules they built by hand.

I could care less about whether libapache-mod-perl is installed correctly or not.  What I want is to be able to install other Debian packages.  How do I do so?  That's my goal here.  It doesn't make sense that one package being broken should prevent me from installing a completely unrelated package, in this case ftpd.

How can I FORCE apt to completely forget about, ignore (pick your phrase) libapache-mod-perl and install my other packages??!??!


P.S. If I knew how to create the .info file for them I'd have already done so.

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Hoeppner, Stan D. wrote:
> Error: mod_auth_ldap.so does not have a corresponding .info file.
> Error: mod_ntlm.so does not have a corresponding .info file.

So, where did the above modules come from?  If they were hand-compiled,
create a .info file for them and your problems will be solved.  If they
were packaged, file a bug on the appropriate packages.

... Adam

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