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Require directive with groups: All Vs. Any problem.


In the process of moving a service from a RedHat machine to a Debian one, we
are facing some problems with libapache2-mod-authz-ldap.

In our current installation on RedHat, a <files "*tgz" > behaves in a way that
all the "require group ..." directive have to be fullfiled. That is, a user
MUST belong to ANY the "require" groups to be able to open the file.

However, when moving to a Debian based one, the user can open the file if he
belongs to ANY of the given groups (still, the MUST belong to ANY applies).

I have checked the server configuration files, the apache2 documentation and
the only relevan part i found is the "satisfy" directive, but as i understand
it only applies to the relationship between "require <-> allow" directives
(for All and Any) and not for multiple "require" entries.

Versions are as follows:


Debian sarge:
 libapache2-mod-authz- 0.26-1

Any help is appreciated.

I am considering filling a bug, just for the sake of completion.

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