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Re: Apache 1 in Etch

Adam Conrad wrote:
> Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> > It has now, but if it's included in Etch it means that the Security Team
> > has to maintain it until at least June 2009. Historically most of
> > the vulnerabilities in Apache 1 applied to version 2 as well, so
> > it's twice the amount of work and should only be done for good reason.
> >   
> Traditionally, I've had no issues with preparing stable-security updates
> of both apache1.3 and apache2, and would be happy to do this again in
> the future, if communication between the security team and debian-apache
> isn't too problematic for this to be a reality.

The offer is appreciated, but as long as there's no solid technical reason
we shouldn't duplicate it. Please point to the packages in the archive still
depending on Apache 1.3.


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