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Re: Apache 1 in Etch

Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> > Dear Apache maintainers,
> > I suppose that six years after the release of Apache 2 Etch will
> > no longer ship with Apache 1?
> We discussed that just the other day (which led to the most recent
> upload).  Apache 1.3 still has a use; in particular, some software is
> still not ported to Apache 2.0, let alone 2.2.

I'm not convinced that this is a good idea. Which packages in the archive
still don't work with Apache 2? No other distro ships Apache 1 in new
All site-local packages can be fixed until Dec. 2007, the time
security support for Sarge will end.

> There's still upstream
> security support for 1.3, so we intend to ship 1.3 with etch.

It has now, but if it's included in Etch it means that the Security Team
has to maintain it until at least June 2009. Historically most of
the vulnerabilities in Apache 1 applied to version 2 as well, so
it's twice the amount of work and should only be done for good reason.


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