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Bug#305302: apache2: segfaults when a websvn repository URL is accessed

robin wrote:
> I have apache2 installed along with PHP and WebSVN (all from testing).
> Currently, when I access a websvn URL, the apache instance crashes with
> a segmentation fault.

And what versions of libapache2-mod-php4 and websvn do you have installed?
 If you upgrade everything to unstable versions (if you upgrade apache2
and happen to use suexec, watch out for bug #305242, which I'm uploading a
fix for right now) does the problem magically go away?

If not, can you run "apache2 -X" in gdb, make it segfault, and get us a
backtrace?  That should help narrow down which package is at fault, and
start giving me hints as to where it's broken.

... Adam

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