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Bug#296886: apache2-mpm-prefork: IndexIgnore only allowes to add in vhost context, not replace

Package: apache2-mpm-prefork
Version: 2.0.52-3
Severity: normal


 I got struck by a strange bug/misfeature in apache today, which should
be changed IMNSHO. It isn't possible to override the IndexIgnore set in
the global context in a vhost context. The default includes README* and
is defined globally. Setting IndexIgnore to no matter what in a vhost on
that machine without letting README* be hidden is impossible.

 Although this is (somewhat sloppy) "documented" in mod_autoindex I
think it is a bug, or at least quite annoying. I don't see no real
reason why this would be a feature...  If you disagree please enlighen
me. This is the only option so far that I stumbled upon that acts like
this, I guess.

 So long,
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