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Re: apache2 not processing php

Ok I have partially solved the problem :o)

register_globals was switched on in the Apache1.3 php.ini (/etc/php4/Apache/php.ini) and switched off in the Apache2.0 configuration (/etc/php4/Apache2/php.ini). As I understand it there are security issues with having register_globals switched on so I will over time convert the site. For now I have converted the front page of the site so that it now works with register_globals = off. If you let Apache load the default page


it now works as you can see. However if you try and load the page by name


it still tries to give you the unprocessed file back. How do I stop that behaviour?


Adam Conrad wrote:
Graham Smith said:

I am sure this is a really simple to fix problem but I have struggled
for hours without success.

Looking at the URLs provided, it just looks like you're trying to include
something with an incorrect path.  Maybe your vhosts are configured
differently in apache2 than they were in apache1.3?  Or maybe you had an
extra directory in the include path in apache1.3?

... Adam

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