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Re: Need to remove and add virtualhosts to start apache

rm@fabula.de wrote:
A quick shot into the dark: could this be DNS related? I think you never told
us what sort of virtual hosting you do. Iff you have enough virtual hosts whose domain name doesn't resolve _and_ your server is set up in a way that
requires DNS lookups _and_ you have a lot of virtual hosts the startup
process might timeout.
Hmm, doesn't sound too likely ...

That's an interesting suggestion. Maybe once it has started up once, the DNS lookups for the existing hosts are cached and it's able to get the other ones in time.

A couple of questions, though. I have UseCanonicalNames Off--is there something else that would cause apache to do DNS lookups on VirtualHosts? HostnameLookups is on, but that only relates to lookups of inbound hits, right?

Also, does it make any sense that this would actually cause a segfault (see my backtrace in other message)? I wouldn't expect a timeout should lead to that result.
Adam Rosi-Kessel

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