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Re: Need to remove and add virtualhosts to start apache

>> This is a very strange, unreproducible problem that occurs frequently
>> enough that I'm concerned.
> This sounds like hardware failure.  Have you tried running memtest86
> on the system?  (I saw you said it seems stable otherwise, but I'd
> check that first.)

Yes, all of the diagnostics check out. Memory tests fine. Although the
problem is not always reproducible, it always 100% consistent when it
happens: remove some virtualhosts, start apache, and add them back in,
restart apache, and everything is fine.  

The machine has been up for as much as five or six months at a time
without any problems at all.  It's only when (1) apache is upgraded or
(2) the machine is rebooted that I've witnessed this problem.

I know it sounds more like a car problem than a software problem, but I'm
pretty convinced it's not hardware.
Adam Rosi-Kessel

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