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apache2 packages

I installed 'apache2-mpm-prefork' and 'apache2' on a Debian Testing
system (x86).
I also have phpmyadmin on it.

I saw that the configuration is splat in many files, like:
- /etc/apache2/sites-available
- /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

How should I manage it in order to have a single file configuration that
the webmaster could manage through the webmin apache module? What file
to rename, what symlink to make, what directive to put where? 'Cause
webmin apache module doesn't know anything but httpd.conf.

If you'd rather recommend me to stay with the packager configuration,
what's the meaning of 'sites-available' and 'sites-enabled'? How to make
Virtual hosting on it? I guess it's just about adding a new conf file
into sites-available but what name (the virtual domain name?) and what
synopsys ?

I really than any help. 
See you, and happy new year!
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