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Bug#267477: Apache 2 TLS by default

* Olaf van der Spek (OvdSpek@LIACS.NL) wrote :
>Generating an ssl cert during install, and setting up apache to use it.
>See the many archived bugs from the time.
>If we can sensibly use debconf to ask the questions, then i may >reinstate
>something like this post sarge.

I'll try.
But would it be possible (pre Sarge) to provide a
so that apache2-ssl-certificate && a2enmod ssl && a2ensite ssl &&
invoke-rc.d apache reload
activates SSL?

We have to be interactive to use apache2-ssl-certificate, and that BREAKS
the buildds.

My idea was to let the user execute that if he wants to activate SSL.
Does only adding /etc/apache2/sites-available/ssl break anything?

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