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Bug#267477: Apache 2 TLS by default

* Olaf van der Spek (OvdSpek@LIACS.NL) wrote :
Thom May wrote:
>* Olaf van der Spek (OvdSpek@LIACS.NL) wrote :
>>Instead of just an easy way to enable SSL/TLS, I'd like to see it
>>enabled by default. :)
>>Step 3 and 4 can be replaced by running >>/usr/sbin/apache2-ssl-certificate
>>In step 5 you can use
>>SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/apache.pem
>>and SSLCertificateKeyFile isn't needed.
>Tried that, far more pain than we need.

What exactly was tried and what pain was caused?

Generating an ssl cert during install, and setting up apache to use it.
See the many archived bugs from the time.
If we can sensibly use debconf to ask the questions, then i may reinstate
something like this post sarge.

I'll try.
But would it be possible (pre Sarge) to provide a /etc/apache2/sites-available/ssl so that apache2-ssl-certificate && a2enmod ssl && a2ensite ssl && invoke-rc.d apache reload
activates SSL?


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