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Official Debian httpd.conf/conf policy?

For various reasons I need to have a rather custom apache configuration. Doing this by modifying the apache source package is rather difficult since I end up having to regenerate a bunch of .diff files. Also it's just not quite the way i want to do it since I have no less than three 'classes' of machine that need to have apache on them but with wildly different configs...

It would be more advantageous to me (for many reasons) to have an entirely separate package that configures apache. My question is what is the offical debian policy? In stable there is no conf.d (which drives me batty, and one of the things I change). I have to change a number of options and add a number of them as well. So I was hoping I could replace httpd.conf with a basic skel, drop my other stuff in a conf.d area, then regenerate the modules section of httpd.conf to match what is installed in the system/old conf file.

I think though that dpkg will stop me from installing my own httpd.conf, not to mention that after I modify it further upgrades to the apache or apache-ssl packages would spit errors or replace my conf file.

This is for a large group of machines (yes a web cluster) as well as some other standalone machines, cfengine is not deployed, neither is any other method. We have internal repositories and an internal woody/stable mirror we source all of our installs off of.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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