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Re: Bug#269757: apache-common: missing .info for mod_macro.so error during libapache-mod-php4 setup

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Jonathan Ah Kit wrote:

> Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> >>>Setting up libapache-mod-php4 (4.3.8-9) ...
> >>>Error: mod_macro.so does not have a corresponding .info file.
> >>>
> >apache-common does not ship mod_macro.so or the info file. mod_macro is
> >compiled in.
> >
> >Please check /usr/lib/apache/1.3/ for any mod_macro.so and move them
> >somewhere. In any case that is a warning and not an error. It has been
> >converted as such, a long time ago.
> >
> >
> Hi Fabio,
> I suspected this was a built-in module, whatever the jargon is. This
> workaround you've mentioned seems to have solved it; I checked after a
> restart and the module still seems to be listed in apache's list. Time
> to see now if anything breaks. :)

This is not really a workaround. In terms that mod_macro.so should have
never been there in the first place.

> >>I get the same error message when installing the latest apache 1.3.31-4
> >>sarge package, *however* an error isn't reported by apache's setup. But as
> >>per above libapache-mod-php4 does, so setup doesn't complete.
> >>
> >This is perhaps another bug related to php4 and i can't see why apache is
> >at fault. In anycase the php4 maintainer reads the list.
> >
> Perhaps. I guess now it's a case of trying to figure out who/what the
> heck installed the file in the first place? That raises a whole bunch of
> possibilities to me (though apache would be the prime -- though not the
> only -- suspect for me at this stage).

Did you ever compiled apache by yourself? Debian doesn't ship that module
since at least 4 years.


PS I am closing the bug in the meanwhile and we can keep the discussion on
the mailing list. apache did what it was supposed to do.

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