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DSO distribution request for the Apache 2 on Debian Sarge

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm wondering if it would be possible to distribute Apache 2
for Deian Sarge with most of the modules as DSO instead of
compiled in. I realize some modules must be compiled in, but
I'd like to see as many as possible as a DSO.
The reason for this is that I want to replace my
mod_log_config with an alternative module that supports
logging to MySQL. This module comes in 2 versions: a source
replacement and a DSO module. It would be easiest if I
could just use the DSO module, but since the original one
is compiled in I'll have to recompile Apache any way
(either with the source replacement or without
mod_log_config compiled in) and I'd like to keep compiling
on my Debian server to a bare minimum.

Thank you,
- Gerard

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