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RFS: libapache2-mod-ldap-userdir - An Apache2 module that provides UserDir lookups via LDAP

I maintain mod_ldap_userdir and am interested in packaging it for Debian. It
allows UserDir URLs to be looked up based on homeDirectory attributes in an
LDAP directory instead of from local user accounts.

In the past year or two, several Debian users have mentioned using it, so
I'd like to package it. I'm also using Debian more and more in the server
environment, so I have a vested interest in maintaining the package. :-)

I do have one question about the packaging: lintian(1) complains that the
.so module defines RPATH, but I don't have any control over that since
compilation is handled entirely by apxs. Should I try to eliminate this, or
just add an override for it?

Package files are available from http://horde.net/~jwm/debian/. Thanks!

* Package name      : libapache2-mod-ldap-userdir
  Version           : 1.1.4
  Upstream Author   : John Morrissey <jwm@horde.net>
* URL               : http://horde.net/~jwm/software/mod_ldap_userdir/
* License           : GPL version 2 or above
  Description       : Apache2 module that provides UserDir lookups via LDAP

  This module implements UserDir (~/public_html/) directory lookups using
  data from an LDAP directory.
  This package provides the module for the Apache 2.0 server.

John Morrissey          _o            /\         ----  __o
jwm@horde.net        _-< \_          /  \       ----  <  \,
www.horde.net/    __(_)/_(_)________/    \_______(_) /_(_)__

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