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Re: Bug#253203: apache will not start due to syntax error

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, William R. McDonough wrote:

> I've already tried all this... but here's the output for your benefit.
> I was hoping for some sort of gdb or extended debugging ideas to tell me
> what file apache is choaking on.

Can you compare the md5sum?

md5sum /usr/sbin/apache*
34d0b1e7407e3f169028cf0f9cc871b7  /usr/sbin/apache
8a5ac7ab4a335b8629e846eb578b86d6  /usr/sbin/apacheconfig
a0e409b4d3e70f3a8d7e5b72f1ebe9bd  /usr/sbin/apachectl
8a5ac7ab4a335b8629e846eb578b86d6  /usr/sbin/apache-modconf

it looks to me like your filesystem is corrupted and something is
pointing where it shouldn't. I can't find any better explanation.


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