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Bug#251048: apache-common: listconffiles doesn't cope well with extra whitespace

On 26 May 2004, at 18:23, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:

Can you kindly include the error you get and add comments to what you
changed and why? I am not a perl expert and i am kinda unhappy to apply
patches without someone reviewing them twice.

Sure.  The error is something like:

"Can't read:	/etc/apache/			foo.conf"

Where httpd.conf contains a line like "Include<tab><tab><tab>foo.conf" - ie: the tabs are being included in the filename.

My patch changes the parsing of httpd.conf to account for additional whitespace between the "Include" and "ServerRoot" directives and the actual files and directories they correspond to. I seek two types of line:

<optional whitespace>Include<whitespace>"path"
<optional whitespace>Include<whitespace>path

ie : paths with leading whitespace must be surrounded by " characters - this matches Apache's parsing of the same files.

The actual changes to the Perl are trivial - basically just changing the regular expressions which match the ServerRoot and Include lines.

Hope this helps,


Colm Buckley / colm@tuatha.org / +353 87 2469146 / www.colm.buckley.name

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