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Re: Bug#26239: acknowledged by developer (Closing old bugs)

On Tue, 25 May 2004, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Debian Bug Tracking System writes ("Bug#26239 acknowledged by developer          (Closing old bugs)"):
> > 	i asked more information regarding these bugs over a month ago and
> > received no replies from the submitters.
> > Apparently they are not relevant anymore. I am closing them, but please
> > feel free to reopen in case you are still experiencing the problem
> > reported.
> Sorry for not replying to your earlier mail.

No problem. Usually one month is just some sort of soft limits we set
since the bug won't be archived for other 28 days.

> Your comments have convinced me that there are arguable reasons for
> having apache set up the way it is, and since it's not that hard to
> change it locally to use authbind I agree that closing the bug is fine.

Perfect. In any case this nug will be archived as info for our users.
Perhaps if you want to add a section in the README on how to perform such
a setup i will be glad to include it.


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