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Re: Bug#246460: apache is not detaching from the terminal which made it start, its parent

severity 246460 wishlist
tag 246460 wontfix


On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Josep Lladonosa i Capell wrote:

> These are mere words: from my point of view, it is a bug.
> All other daemons initiated from a terminal (sendmail, smbd,...), are
> not shown whith a simple 'ps'.


> The previous behaviour of apache was different.
> There are aplications that start and go to background (daemonize), you
> get the prompt back, but they keep attached to the terminal, just to
> send output to it, for example.
> I'm just asking for apache going into background and detaching from the
> terminal too...

apache goes in background, so this bug is a wishlist.

The behaviour has changed since we applied a patch to fix

It is impossible, to my knowledge, to fix both of them at the same time
and since this behaviour change does not cause any consequence this bug
won't be fixed.


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