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Re: Bugreports against Apache2 source pacakge

* Le grand pinguin (rm@mh-freiburg.de) wrote :
> This several times (for all the targets).
> There's a bug entry in the database that looks similar to this bug - unfortunately the
> comments mention a conversation on IRC that i can't seem to find (BTW, mentioning bug
> resolution strategies in IRC isn't too usefull in a bug tracking system ....).
> I verified the above problems on Intel32 and PowerPC.
Well, since the build has succeeded on every debian supported platforms in
the build daemons, i suggest that this is a local problem for you.

>  Bug 2:
>   apache2-dev is only provieded by 'apache2-threaded-dev'. Shouldn't 'apache2-prefork-dev'
>   also provide 'apache2-dev' (missing 'Provides: ...' line in 'debian/control').
No. By Design, apache2-dev should always be threaded unless there's a
specific reason not to.

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