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Bugreports against Apache2 source pacakge

Hello  list/maintainers,

I've (tried to) submit two bugreports against apache2 sources
but haven't seen them in the bug database nor did i get any 
response from the bug system :-( 
Anyway, here's a short summary:

 Bug 1

  Fails to build from source
   Version: apache2_2.0.49-1.dsc
   Downloaded sources from debian server and build-dep for apache2
   Build fails with the following message:

|   in prefork worker; do \
|          if [ "$i" = "prefork" ]; then \
|                  TARGET=prefork;\
|          else\
|                  TARGET=threaded;\
|          fi;\
|          mv debian/apache2-mpm-$i/usr/include/apache2/* debian/apache2-$TARGET-dev/usr/include/apache2 ;\
|          mv debian/apache2-mpm-$i/usr/sbin/apxs debian/apache2-$TARGET-dev/usr/bin/apxs2 ;\
|          mv debian/apache2-mpm-$i/usr/share/man/man8/apxs.8 debian/apache2-$TARGET-dev/usr/share/man/man8/apxs2.8 ;\
|          cp build-tree/apache2/build/special.mk debian/apache2-$TARGET-dev/usr/share/apache2/build/special.mk ;\
|          mv debian/apache2-mpm-$i/usr/share/apache2/build/* debian/apache2-$TARGET-dev/usr/share/apache2/build/ ;\
|  done
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-prefork/usr/sbin/apxs': No such file or directory
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-prefork/usr/share/man/man8/apxs.8': No such file or directory
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-worker/usr/include/apache2/*': No such file or directory
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-worker/usr/sbin/apxs': No such file or directory
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-worker/usr/share/man/man8/apxs.8': No such file or directory
|  mv debian/apache2-mpm-worker/usr/share/apache2/icons/* debian/apache2-common/usr/share/apache2/icons/
|  mv: cannot stat `debian/apache2-mpm-worker/usr/share/apache2/icons/*': No such file or directory
|  make: *** [debian/stampdir/move] Error 1

It seems that the build fails in 'srclib/pcre' -- here's the log message:

|   /home/ralf/tmp/apache2-2.0.49/build-tree/apache2/srclib/pcre/maketables.c: In function `ap_pcre_maketables':
|  /home/ralf/tmp/apache2-2.0.49/build-tree/apache2/srclib/pcre/maketables.c:68: `ap_pcre_malloc' undeclared (first use in this function)
|  /home/ralf/tmp/apache2-2.0.49/build-tree/apache2/srclib/pcre/maketables.c:68: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
|  /home/ralf/tmp/apache2-2.0.49/build-tree/apache2/srclib/pcre/maketables.c:68: for each function it appears in.)
|  make[4]: *** [maketables.lo] Error 1

This several times (for all the targets).
There's a bug entry in the database that looks similar to this bug - unfortunately the
comments mention a conversation on IRC that i can't seem to find (BTW, mentioning bug
resolution strategies in IRC isn't too usefull in a bug tracking system ....).

I verified the above problems on Intel32 and PowerPC.

 Bug 2:

  apache2-dev is only provieded by 'apache2-threaded-dev'. Shouldn't 'apache2-prefork-dev'
  also provide 'apache2-dev' (missing 'Provides: ...' line in 'debian/control').

HTH and thank's for the work

    Ralf Mattes

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