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Re: Overwrite somebody's httpd.conf.old

Il mer, 2004-04-28 alle 13:03, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto ha scritto:
> Much simplre solution is NOT to touch httpd.conf and put your config lines
> in conf.d. Treat that file as a configfile either using the dpkg standard
> or ucf.

Hi Fabio, thanks for the answer. 

I agree with you, and in fact I do not touch httpd.conf if not needed.
My postinstall script checks if /etc/${webserver}/conf.d exists, but if
it doesn't exist it creates it and adds the related Include line. After
this it puts my configuration file in conf.d. So my question is the
same, again :-), have I to check if an old httpd.conf.old exists or not?


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