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Overwrite somebody's httpd.conf.old

Hi, I'm packaging a web-based tool for administering LDAP 
servers called phpldapadmin. I have a question related Apache*

During the postinstall, I modify the httpd.conf in order to add an
Include line and I save the old httpd.conf as httpd.conf.old, without
check if it already exists. I saw other postinstall script from others
web-based packages but I've never seen any test for httpd.conf.old.

Maybe I am too cautious, but in my opinion I can overwrite somebody
else's httpd.conf.old. In your opinion is useful a test during the
postinstall? Or I can overwrite httpd.conf.old without any test?

I don't know if someone thought about this problem ...

Thank you,
Fabio T.

I'm not subscribed to this mailing-list, if you answer please Cc me..

Fabio Tranchitella
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