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reported problem with apache2 + php4

I'm sending this mail because of an installation report which included these

> - apache2 was default, but apache2+php4 module = not working
> - installing both php4 and php4-cgi, makes apache2 use the cgi version of php4.
> - apt-get --purge remove apache2 gave warnings about files in /etc (I
>   didn't touch the config), apache2 remained running after apache2 was
>   gone.  Installing apache (1.3) didn't make it start running)
> - The php4 readme.debian had outdated info (and very unorganized) about how to
>   enable the php4 module in apache (you need to run modules-update apache
>   enable mod_php4), which should be done by postinst imho anyway (didn't
>   happen, don't know whether it's intentional).
> - Installing php4-cgi installed in apache2 automatically... don't know whether
>   that's how it's supposed to work (php4 should be preferred if both are
>   available imho)

Is there a problem with php4 and apache2, and does any of the rest of this
look like something apache2 should get a bug report for?

see shy jo

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