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Bug#234615: acknowledged by developer (User error)

> You've described perfectly the situation where you do not have a
> NameVirtualHost line that does not match your VirtualHost stanzas.
> eg:
> NameVirtualHost *:80
> <VirtualHost *>
>  ....
> </VirtualHost>
> Apache will produce a warning in that case. 
> I have many hundred systems all using VirtualHost * succesfully with
> numerous virtual hosts.


I just want to make sure I properly understand your double not. Are you
saying that your eg above is what I should do or what I should not do?

According to http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/mod/core.html#virtualhost

   Addr can be: ... The character *, which is used only in combination
   with NameVirtualHost * to match all IP addresses

I am unclear on whether or not you are suggesting that I do use a * both
for NameVirtualHost and VirtualHost, or if you are recommending against
that. Are you suggesting that I list my IP address in NameVirtualHost?


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