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Re: Bug#208569: apache2-mpm-prefork: rc symlinks weren't updated

This is actually a problem with update-rc.d. If you check in the man page
update-rc.d does not change the links if there are some already in order
to preserve user changes. The same goes for bind9. If you check the
postinst for bind9 you will notice that it is configured to start at 15
but your link are still at 20. Same goes for apache*. I think we will end
up in the usual chicken egg problem here.


On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Jordi Mallach wrote:

> reopen 208569
> thanks
> Hi,
> I just upgraded apache, and again got the same problem: the links are
> still on S20, so apache starts before bind9.
> 22525:jordi@natura:/etc$ ls rc*.d/*apache*
> rc0.d/K20apache2  rc2.d/S20apache2  rc4.d/S20apache2  rc6.d/K20apache2
> rc1.d/K20apache2  rc3.d/S20apache2  rc5.d/S20apache2
> Jordi
> -- System Information:
> Debian Release: testing/unstable
> Architecture: i386
> Kernel: Linux natura 2.4.22 #1 Tue Dec 2 00:59:21 CET 2003 i586
> Locale: LANG=en_GB.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_GB.UTF-8
> Versions of packages apache2-mpm-prefork depends on:
> ii  apache2-common              2.0.48-4     Next generation, scalable, extenda
> ii  libapr0                     2.0.48-4     The Apache Portable Runtime
> ii  libc6                       2.3.2.ds1-10 GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
> ii  libdb4.1                    4.1.25-10    Berkeley v4.1 Database Libraries [
> ii  libexpat1                   1.95.6-6     XML parsing C library - runtime li
> ii  libldap2                    2.1.23-1     OpenLDAP libraries
> ii  libssl0.9.7                 0.9.7c-5     SSL shared libraries
> ii  zlib1g                      1:1.2.1-1    compression library - runtime
> -- no debconf information

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