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Re: draft proposal for a new web server policy

Daniel Stone wrote:
> I'm not sure I love the /debian-www/ bit; it's a bit aesthetically
> displeasing, but to each their own. Good idea otherwise, however.

I agree, it is not the prettiest name. I considered just /debian/, but
it seemed more likely that would conflict with something on someone's
web server.

Do note that there is nothing stopping an admin from linking /foo/ to
/debian-www/. They'll have to keep /debian-www/ around because of links
that will refer to it, but they can use whatever prettier url they can
come up with. So it's not too bad.

> I suppose the other achoice is to put all Debian content in
> /debian-www/, and only have index.html redirecting to /debian-www/, so
> that way the user only has to overwrite a ~100-byte file. Or something.

That's a pretty good idea, if it can be done without ugly timeouts in
redirect and with localisation still working.

see shy jo

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