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Re: apache reload and child fault

Il mar, 2003-12-02 alle 11:36, R.M. Evers ha scritto:
> hi roberto,
> some time ago, the same thing happened to me. more recently, i installed
> a new mailserver which had the problem twice. the problem does not seem
> to be debian-specific, since i've been contacted by people running other
> distributions through my previous post, experiencing the same problem:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-apache/2003/debian-apache-200309/msg00000.html
> nobody seems to know what's going on. are you running with mod_ssl??
No mod_ssl here

> cause i thought it might have something to do with that, since it never
> happened to one of my other servers without mod_ssl. it's just a hunch
> though. i have no clue how i should track this problem down, since it
> seems to happen out of the blue..
> for the time being, i've created a script which kills all apache
> processes after the logrotation and starts it back up again. i did this
> a week ago, and have had no problems since. it's a stupid workaround,
> and i still have to see if it actually works for me :-)
/etc/init.d/apache stop; killall apache; sleep 10; /etc/init.d/apache
start seems the right approach to workaround the problem

Note that this *IS* an apache bug, as I had the problem exactly at the
same time on two machines (so no hardware problem)

Roberto Sebastiano <robs@multiplayer.it>

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