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Bug#218042: modules-config relies on files in /usr/share/doc

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> Package: apache-common
> Version: 1.3.28-4
> Severity: serious
> I noticed this through #217035, but this is a separate bug in itself.
> Policy section 12.3, "Additional Documentation":
> /usr/sbin/modules-config:181:   cp /usr/share/doc/$FLA/examples/*.conf /etc/$FLA/

yes we were discussing right this problem 2 days ago on irc. We didn't
manage to include the changes in this release (uploaded today), but the
real funny part is that this bug has been there since prior woody and
noone noticed it :-) people were too lazy to read apacheconfig* ;) Anyway
it will fixed soon.


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