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Bug#151703: I don't think we support alternate configurations

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Matthew Wilcox wrote:

> Supporting this would seem to be a bad idea.  The maintainer
> scripts (postinst and so on) assume the configuration file is
> /etc/apache{,-ssl,-perl}/httpd.conf and changing that would break them.

Theoretically we could it but we need to do quite a lot of work that is
more problematic than the problem that it solves (starting from moving
CONF outside the init.d meaning of another configfile to check and
maintain and so on...).

> I see the CONF variable as something to make the script neater, not as
> something that implies the user can change it.  Maybe a comment by it
> would help?

I agree with you 100%. A comment will help and we can close these 2 bugs.


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