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Apache being sluggish?

Hi all.  I don't know how to really describe the issue, but I've found
connecting to my apache server from home is extremely sluggish, and even
times out once and a while, but from lots of other places it loads nice
and quickly.  It seems to be really slow on various computers and fast
on others.

I'm running: Apache2 MPM Worker 2.0.42-2, Debian 3.0, and a customized
Linux 2.4.19 kernel (LVS, Mosix patches) on a 3 system Mosix cluster. 
The LVS isn't configured yet.  Also, I have IPv6 enabled and connecting
through that doesn't seem to affect it.  Hostnamelookups are off, the
DNS apache2 would lookup with is local, and so are all of its ~20

Anyhow, the ping times are all <30 from home, the computer beside it
pulls any site up fine.  It almost feels like apache is throttled or
even racing?  I lowered my min/max threads to min 1 max 2 start 1
reqperchild 20, just to test this, but i didn't see a difference.

And finally, the server in question is averaging about 20KBps throughput

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.


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