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Re: Where to ask user questions...?

* Kjetil Kjernsmo (kjetil@kjernsmo.net) wrote :
> Dear all,
> I realize that this is not a user forum, but I'm struggling with 
> Tomcat4, Cocoon2, and well, I'd like to try Apache2 as well. 
> So I hope you tolerate that I ask, where do I ask about typical user 
> questions? debian-isp? (I don't feel like an ISP, since I'm running 
> this stuff just for myself, but never mind)

if these are general apache/tomcat/cocoon questions, then the users lists
        hosted @ apache.org might be your best bet. If the problems you're
        seeing are specific to debian, then here. Of course, we'll try and
        help on this list as much as possible, and iut is a lot quiter here.
> Best,
> Kjetil
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> Kjetil Kjernsmo
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