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Re: Forwarding documents from another web server on internal network

Tom Hibbert said:
> This will be my first post to debian-apache. Here goes!

Well it got this far ...

> I have one IP address and 2 machines that want to be webservers (one mine, 
> the other my flatmates.) What I'm thinking of doing is using Apache on my 
> machine as the main webserver, then for his subdomain somehow get Apache to 
> fetch documents from his machine (which is on a 192.168.* subnet), then 
> deliver them to the client.

It's called reverse proxying.  You use mod_proxy in Apache to establish
a proxy (on behalf of the Internet) to your flatmate's web server.

Assuming you have the apache-doc package installed (if not, why??) have
a look at doc/apache/manual/mod/mod_proxy.html for detailed information.
Look at the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives.  The mod_proxy
module is included in the Debian apache package by default (though not
enabled by default IIRC).  The [P] flag for the RewriteRule directive
could also be useful for you (see mod_rewrite.html in the same directory
as mod_proxy.html, above).  The rewrite engine is pretty powerful.  You
can find more helpful information on doing reverse proxying with the
rewrite engine in the doc/apache/manual/misc/rewriteguide.html file.

Have fun!


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