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Forwarding documents from another web server on internal network


This will be my first post to debian-apache. Here goes!

I have one IP address and 2 machines that want to be webservers (one mine, the other my flatmates.) What I'm thinking of doing is using Apache on my machine as the main webserver, then for his subdomain somehow get Apache to fetch documents from his machine (which is on a 192.168.* subnet), then deliver them to the client.

I'm sorry if this is a little confusing - maybe I'll have to follow up with a diagram of what I want to do.

Any help on how to do this would be appreciated - to be honest I dont understand why apache can't take a standard URL as the DocumentRoot feild in the Virtual Server feild. If all else fails I'll resort to kludging this into apache, but I'm just so certain someone else has done this before.

Thanks in advance,


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